New Noise Aborsorbtion


 New Noise Aborsorbtion

Aluminum foam panel, as a new concept metal material, is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot with various chemical ingredients and has many pore cell inner structures. It is a cellular structure consisting of solid aluminum which contains a large volume fraction of  gas-filled pores. The pores can be sealed closed cell AFPas we called), or they can be formed as an interconnected network( open cell AFP). They are not only acoustic materials but also beautiful decorative materials( we can paint colors on the panels).


New Noise Aborsorbtion

1. Open cell aluminum foam panel(open cell AFP)

 Aluminum foam (open cell) shows its advantages primarily in combination with existing constructions. 

The combination of attributes like high stiffness at low weight and energy absorption qualifies Al-Foam for lightweight components with specific requirements.

Open cell AFP is sound absorbing, ventilated, fireproof, ultralight, 100%eco-friendly & recyclable, etc.


New Noise Aborsorbtion

2. Closed cell aluminum foam panel (Closed cell AFP)

Closed cell AFP is soundproof, fireproof, ultralight, 100%eco-friendly & recyclable, etc

 Product details:

  • Density---0.35g /cm³~ 0.6g /cm³

  • Compressive strength---1.5~2.0MPa.

  • Thickness--- 4mm to 250mm.

  • Size availability---500*500mm, 600*600mm, 1000*500mm, 1200*600mm. Biggest size is 2300*810mm.

  • Shape---mainly, panel; customize special shape acceptable.


New Noise Aborsorbtion

3. Closed cell aluminum foam panels with punched holes

We also can punch holes on the closed cell aluminum foam panel(hole diameter is 1mm and hole distance is around 10mm, please see the following picture), which has almost the same effect on sound absorption and installation method as open cell aluminum foam panel.

4.Closed cell aluminum foam panels are also used to composite with a thin layer of other materials, such as aluminum sheet, marble, etc.

New Noise Aborsorbtion